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Hiibner Law Group

Intellectual Property

Our Services


Patent prosecution, licensing, infringement analysis and other patent-related matters


Trademark screening, searches, selection, and prosecution.

Expert Opinions & Risk Management

Freedom to operate, patentability, inventorship, infringement, validity, design around, and other patent related opinions

Licensing &
IP Agreements

Joint R&D  agreements, IP licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements, and non-disclosure agreements

Our Services

Invest In The Future

At HLG, we recognize that innovation is the key to your future  - and it needs protection. If powerful protection of your unique ideas is your game plan, HLG is right for you. Whether it's obtaining strong patents, trademarks, or negotiating your intellectual property rights, we have the skills and expertise to protect your innovation.


“Kristin is an amazing attorney. She understands the concepts of my inventions and translates them expertly onto the page.”

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