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Patent Specialists

No matter what the technology - biotechnology, chemistry, chemical engineering,  mechanical engineering, medical devices and materials sciences, HLG Intellectual Property helps you:

  • Evaluate Patentable Inventions

  • Obtain US and Foreign Patents

  • In- and Out- License Your Technology

  • Evaluate Potential Infringement of Other Patents

  • Evaluate the Validity of Other Patents

We work with clients in all phases of patent procurement and evaluation, including application preparation, prosecution, and appellate proceedings in the U.S. and abroad. 

Evaluating Your Technology

Does patenting it make sense?

Not every innovation merits a patent application. We work with you to evaluate your potential patent investment. We examine important business considerations such as:

  • Is your invention potentially patentable?

  • What is the cost of the patenting process?

  • Does the scope of any resulting patent claims merit the investment?

  • What is the economic advantage of a patent?

We help you make an informed decision by analyzing not only the potential patentability of an invention, but the potential economic value of a patent.  We help you make informed decisions that have the best profit potential for you.

Assessing Potential Patent Infringement

Using our expertise, we advise clients on where the boundaries of their patents and others are, and whether their actions will infringe or not.

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