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Why Choose HLG for your Intellectual Property Protection?


Together we reach the goalAt HLG, we work with your company and your inventors to capture your intellectual property and obtain intellectual property with a client focus in mind.  Whatever your budget, we work with you the optimum outcome.


Technical and Legal Expertise Are The Foundation.  Your intellectual property should provides a solid fortification around your asset. But it's the builder who determines the strength of that structure. We look at both the intricate details of your invention as well as the big picture, both the legal and technical aspects, to build the closest thing there is to an impenetrable fortress.


A Strong Offense and Defense Are Key to Winning.  We view your intellectual property not only from a view of protecting of your products and ideas, but also with a view of anticipating potential weaknesses and competitor challenges.  Our experience and technical expertise have allowed to successfully protect our clients inventions and add   millions to company valuations.

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