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Expert Opinions

and Risk Management

HLG Intellectual Property counsels clients on all aspects of opinion work including freedom to operate, patentability, inventorship, infringement, and design around opinions. 

At HLG Intellectual Property, we counsel our clients regarding the acquisition and management of their patent rights, while avoiding potential litigation pitfalls with competitors intellectual property.  We assist our clients throughout the product development process, making sure from the onset that their products do not accidentally infringe on their competitor’s rights. 

HLG Intellectual Property can evaluate your position in the competitive market by finding related patents in your field.  We assess potential competitor threats to your existing products, or products in the development phase, and can prepare freedom to operate opinions.  We also asses potential patent threats and prepare non-infringement and invalidity opinions.

If your company is acquiring intellectual property, HLG Intellectual Property performs due diligence on the patents or patent portfolio being acquired for acquisitions, mergers, licensing, and collaborative developments.  We assess the strength of the patents and identify potential weaknesses and deficiencies with regard to ownership, scope, and validity of the portfolio.  This IP assessment provides valuable information which aids in valuation.  We also provide recommendations for shoring up potential issues with the portfolio so you can get the most out of your investment dollars.



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